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Summer’s around the corner and we’re in for some record-breaking heat waves. But you can still surf through the season in luxury and style. Ditch your warm flannels and furs and start wearing sets that care for your skin and hair while wicking away extra heat and moisture. That’s right - it’s silk season!
Silk’s amazing thermoregulating abilities are due to the hollow structure of its fibers. When you’re sweaty, it wicks away moisture, and when you’re cold, it acts as insulation, helping retain your body heat.
But that’s far from the last of silk’s amazing properties. You see, there’s a special protein that can only be found in natural silk, and it’s called sericin. It’s often extracted from raw silk and used as an additive in hair and skin care products. It’s excellent at retaining moisture and forms a protective barrier over your skin, making it also naturally antimicrobial and antifungal.
Dr. Anna Chacon, a board certified dermatologist, extolls the acne-fighting effects of natural silk:
Dr. Anna Chacon, a board certified dermatologist, extolls the acne-fighting effects of natural silk:
Silk sheets and silk pillowcases are gentler on the skin of people with acne or sensitive skin that rough cotton ones… This is because the friction from cotton on sensitive skin can create more inflammation, making acne, eczema, or other skin conditions worse.
Amazingly, recent research into the biomedical applications of silk have shown that it also has antioxidant and collagen-boosting properties. All these factors make skincare as easy as slipping on your favorite pair of silk pajamas.
That being said, you want to look for high-quality natural silk in order to reap the maximum benefits. Some silks are synthetic, so make sure the silk you’re buying is natural. The softest and most durable natural silk is Mulberry.
Quality is graded from 6A Silk density is usually measured in mommes. The premium density for durability and comfort is 22 mommes, so you’ll find most high-grade silk products have this description.
Now that you know why silk is all the rage this season, here are a few pieces to help you beat the heat while still looking cool.
A matching silk top + silk shorts set will soon become a staple of your wardrobe. The smooth sheen of the material makes them both free-flowing and curve-hugging, while the small side slits add notes of sexuality. And they’re so versatile! Transition flawlessly from a rooftop cocktail party to a comfy night at home with your partner. They even work well as silk pajamas. The cooling, moisture-wicking properties of silk make it the perfect companion for hot summer nights.
Sleep&Glow’s silk loungewear set comes in three shades: black, pink and cream. Buy a complete set or mix and match to fit your own fresh style.
Looking for something a little less constrained, but just as elegant and comfortable? Pair your silk set with a silk kimono. This wrap-style kimono robe. A longer, more dramatic option for evenings on the terrace and desert dates with a special someone.
Also comes in black, pink and cream.
Complete the look with a silk turban and scrunchies. A silk turban does the dual work of holding your hairstyle in place, as well as nourishing and moisturizing your hair follicles as you sleep.
Silk scrunchies keep your hair in place all day long, while the silk naturally nourishes and protects your hair. And when you take your scrunchie out at the end of the day, the silk polishes your hair shafts!
Silk has been around for thousands of years and yet remains as classic and elegant as ever. There’s a reason it’s called the queen of fibers!


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